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Last 15 Day Movies

The Cubs rotation is working through a rash of injuries. Lefty Wade Miley, who the Cubs activated from the 15-day IL (left shoulder strain) to start on Friday, left the game with left shoulder soreness. He threw three scoreless innings but said he felt something in his shoulder facing Josh Donaldson, the last batter of the third inning.

Last 15 Day Movies

Memorial Day weekend is commonly seen as the gateway to summer, and while there are many movies to watch at your local multiplex some of y'all may be looking for a film that's more in line with the holiday itself. Stories that honor our fallen soldiers. A war epic perhaps, or something that showcases bravery in the face of danger.

From the Civil War to Vietnam the war in Afghanistan, the movies on this list are perfect for any Memorial Day viewing, as we remember the courageous men and women who gave their lives while serving in the United States armed forces. War sagas have been a part of cinema since its invention and, still today, they're a tremendous way to tell truly human life-or-death stories. Award-winning directors like Steven Spielberg, Kathryn Bigelow, Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, Clint Eastwood, and more have tried their hand at these epics, as well as icons like Stanley Kubrick, Edward Zwick, Terrence Malick, and Peter Weir.

Fare includes Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses tax. View Pricing Terms. Fares shown are in currency, per person, based on double occupancy. Fares reflect best fare available for a stateroom in each category, on one date that this itinerary is available from a snapshot taken in the last 24 hours.

*Fares shown are in US$, per person, based on double occupancy. Fares reflect best fare available for a suite in each category, on one date that this itinerary is available from a snapshot taken in the last 24 hours. Taxes,Fees & Port Expenses. SeabournShield Protection Plan View Pricing Terms

While other aspiring filmmakers were trying to break into the studio system unsuccessfully, Roger took a different path. He broke the rules, made movies in highly unconventional ways, and created his own ecosystem.

Micro-budget filmmaking is all about breaking the rules of how movies should be made, and using the limited resources we have to make something amazing. This applies equally to films shot with $50,000 on a 15 day schedule, or $1000 on a 4 day schedule.

My sister and I recently traveled on the Christmas Markets trip to Switzerland and France. This was our first Gate 1 trip and we weren't sure what to expect, the trip was amazing! Our tour manager, Nadine, was there to greet us at the hotel the moment we arrived - and saw us off on the last day as we departed for the airport. Nadine was professional in every way and an expert in each of the towns/Markets we visited. Our 8 day trip was executed with precision so we were able to see and learn so much more than we would have on our own. I will highly recommend Gate 1 to my friends.

I would like to commend our tour director/manager Dean and our driver Anton. Dean was very knowledgeable about the itineraries and was awesome in making suggestions as how to spend our time at leisure as well as the best local restaurants to sample local cuisine. He was very organized and was very prompt as to departure times. His timing was perfect when interjecting key points as we travel on the motor coach. Our driver, Anton, drives very carefully and very alert. He knows the sites very well and is able to adapt to road conditions and road detours due to construction. This is our first Gate 1 tour and will certainly not be the last. We will definitely recommend Gate 1 to our friends and families.

Our trip was absolutely amazing!! My husband and I enjoyed every moment. We traveled through Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein and Germany.Nicoletta, our tour guide, and Claudio, our coach driver, were excellent! They made the trip so enjoyable. Nicoletta has incredible knowledge of the countries and went out of her way to make it fun.Very efficiently run tour, and we left with postcard like pictures and memories that will last a lifetime!We will definitely book with Gate 1 again!

My trip was great!. Our guide Marta, is probably the sweetest, most caring guide I've had on a Gate 1 trip. Poland was very interesting, hotels were fine and the food was good. She and the driver went out of their way one afternoon to take us to the Baltic Sea to the beach. One of the best parts of the trip. She always made the bus trips fun with movies, food, local liquor and stories. Would highly recommend this trip.

My Classic Switzerland trip was awesome. This was my first Gate 1 trip and I was a solo traveler. The itinerary was terrific. Had something for everyone. Sabine our tour guide was great. Very knowledgeable. Of course the weather played a big part in this trip. Having investigated the weather for each stop beforehand indicated we would have rain, rain, and more rain. We had spectacular weather. Hardly any rain at all. The other travelers were terrific too. If I needed help everyone was more than happy to assist. Always had someone to eat with. Hats off to George and Ginger. They took me under their wings and it was appreciated. This will not be my last Gate 1 trip. Loved everything about your group.

Return on investment: 1160%Budget $38 million (inflation-adjusted)Gross revenue $441 millionCross-dressing has been the subject of successful movies for years. But while Some Like it Hot won all the critical accolades and Tootsie boasted the quality writing and serious method actors, the Robin Williams vehicle Mrs. Doubtfire was the most commercially successful of all.Since its 1993 release, the movie earned over $441 million dollars, almost twelve times its cost. Not bad for a movie whose biggest laughs come from funny voices and from a pair of prosthetic breasts catching fire.

Return on investment: 1780%Budget $20 million (inflation-adjusted)Gross revenue $356 millionLike several of the movies on this list, American Beauty was a sleeper hit. A character-driven satire about the suburban middle-class lifestyle, it starred Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening as a miserably unhappy married couple in the full throes of midlife crisis. Not exactly the sort of thing that sells a lot of tickets.When the movie was released in 1999, it was received with nearly unanimous critical raves, and it won multiple Oscars, including Best Actor, Best Director and Best Picture. This all served to bolster its box office performance, and to date the movie has grossed over $356 million, almost eighteen times its budget.

So when the day of labor looms near, moms will have to make sure they have done all that they set out to do because when the last 15 days finally arrive, the list of things that moms want and can do will immediately become so pint-sized one would need a microscope just to see what is left. And the list of NOT-to-dos will only grow. Here is but a fragment of the list of things that should be avoided during the final countdown (cue Europe's "The Final Countdown" and screaming fans).

Perhaps we ran to the OB at the very drop of a pin during the first two trimesters only to find out that all those weird feelings like the way your throw-up looked, hard stools, bulging veins, and more are common symptoms of pregnancies. So when the last 15 days roll around, we might feel like we've seen it all. Moms would feel like they are professionals by now, even giving and exchanging advice with other moms to be. While this is not wrong (in fact, trading information with other moms is very much encouraged), ignoring symptoms be it new or recurring ones could ultimately lead to some complications down the line. So during the last leg of the race, do not be shy to bother the OB more than you already have. These annoying calls and visit might just turn out to be important.

Remember the flick 'The Dentist'? The attendance record for dental clients probably dropped by half after the movie came out. And moms to be should opt out of dental checks too during the last 15 days before the due date. Not because of any influence from movies, but because no heavily pregnant women in their right mind would want to drag themselves out of the comforts of their homes and drive across town just for a teeth grinding (pun intended) session. Plus imagine having to lie flat on our backs while the dentist scales our teeth or perform cavity fillings. Ugh. And our sentiments can be backed up by the Am. Pregnancy which supports moms late in their third trimester to avoid dental checks at all costs. The safest course of action would be to put off any dental checks until after the birth of the baby.

We've been extremely well behaved the past few months, eating like a bird as and when necessary and never indulging in any of those scrumptious but sugary sweet, oily and reflux-inducing meals. But we're almost at the very end of our food imprisonment. Surely we can start piling on our favorite snacks now? After all, we'll need all the energy we can get to push our baby out during labor right? (Silence) Right? (Even more silence). The fact is we are still pregnant. In fact, we are now heavily pregnant and this adds to even more reason to watch what we eat. We don't want to spend the last two weeks in reflux misery. That would be a bad way to end our pregnancy journey.

Yes, we will be tired. Exhausted beyond reason even. And yes, the list of things to do will be extremely pressing. Perhaps we are still finishing the final touches of baby's room, and maybe we haven't bought the diapers yet. But let's not forget one other important thing. The visit to our obstetrician. We might resent having to visit them so regularly now ( states that a weekly visit is necessary after 36 weeks) but all these checkups with the weight measurements, BP checks and measurements of the abdomen and urine samples are necessary to make sure that all is well with both mother and baby. Things can suddenly take a drastic turn during the last two weeks (this author personally had a big surprise when she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia 6 days before the due date). So for the love of your child and yourself, please do not ever skip a visit to the OB. 041b061a72


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