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Eastbound And Down - Season 3

Eastbound & Down is an American sports comedy television series that was broadcast on HBO, and created by Ben Best, Jody Hill, and Danny McBride.[2] It stars McBride as Kenny Powers, a former professional baseball pitcher who, after a career downturn in the major leagues, is forced to return to his hometown middle school in Shelby, North Carolina, as a substitute physical education teacher.[3]

Eastbound And Down - Season 3

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Producers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay received an order for six episodes for the first season from HBO.[4] The series was produced by Ferrell's production company, Gary Sanchez Productions. The show premiered February 15, 2009.[5] Its second season, consisting of seven episodes, began on September 26, 2010. On October 27, HBO announced it was renewing the show for a third season.[6] At PaleyFest 2011, it was announced that the third season, which premiered on February 19, 2012, would be the last.[7] In July 2012, HBO picked up the comedy series for a fourth season of eight episodes.[8]

Production on the second season of the show began in May 2010. The setting moved to Mexico, with shooting actually occurring in Gurabo, Puerto Rico. The new season brought several changes to the cast, including new faces Michael Peña and Ana de la Reguera, who play the owner of a Mexican baseball team and Kenny's new love interest, respectively. Don Johnson appeared in the role of Kenny's father, whom Kenny and Stevie managed to track down in Mexico. All of the supporting cast from the first season are absent or only make cameo appearances, with the only exception being Steve Little as Stevie Janowski, who follows Kenny to Mexico. Ben Best is not a writer for Season 2 but returns in a small role as Clegg.[16] Adam Scott returns in two episodes as the now cocaine-free baseball executive Pat Anderson.

Actor Deep Roy joined the cast as Aaron, one of Kenny's new Mexican sidekicks.[17] The Mexican baseball team owned by Peña's character Sebastian Cisneros, the Charros, is coached by Roger Hernandez, played by actor Marco Rodriguez. Co-director Jody Hill described the season as "a cross between the films Amores perros and The Bad News Bears". Hill directed four episodes in season two, while David Gordon Green directed three.[18]

Eastbound & Down was met with positive reviews during its run. On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season of the show has a rating of 60%, based on 15 reviews, with an average rating of 7.3/10. The site's consensus reads, "Eastbound & Down might be too profane and obnoxious for some, but its broad humor and irreverent vibe make for some great comic moments."[25] Metacritic gave season 1 a "generally favorable" average score of 62 out of 100, based 16 critics,[26] and seasons 2 and 3 scores of 89[27] and 83 out of 100,[28] respectively, both indicating "universal acclaim". The fourth and final season of the show holds a perfect 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 11 critics.[29]

Season 3 of Eastbound & Down started on February 19, 2012. In this season, Kenny Powers has left Mexico and now lives in Myrtle Beach. He and his best friend Shane are seen partying in Myrtle Beach, surfing, and dating two college-aged girls. The first episode shows Kenny Powers attending his son's, Toby's, first birthday party and eventually taking April Buchanon out for a night. However, the next morning April is gone and has left Kenny with Toby.

Eastbound & Down Season 3 kicks off in just over two weeks and the return of Kenny Powers to the American baseball scene couldn't come soon enough. In one of the most highly anticipated moves of the off-season, La Flama Blanca, the ace pitcher who regained his form as a Charro in the Mexican Minors, is ready to suit up as the newest addition to the Myrtle Beach Mermen. Number 55 is back and ready to throw some heat and don't worry, by the looks of this new trailer, he's up to his usual off-field 'pastimes' as well.

This new look is really the first full trailer for the upcoming season. While we have been strung along with a few posters (once literally strung, as it focused on a woman's bikini'd back) and teasers, this preview finally delivers the goods. Set to Hanni El Khatib's "You Rascal You," the Season 3 trailer is all adrenaline and designed to get you not only primed for the new season but absolutely floored. It does a great job in only a minute of showing all our cast favorites, introducing new characters and conflicts and, even showcasing a few of the high-profile cameos.

I was already pretty stoked to hear the news that Jason Sudeikis would be joining the show for Season 3 and since his Shane and Kenny look like two peas in a pod (strolling down main street, side by side, one in his giant pickup, the on his motorbike) it's all the more exciting. A perfect pitcher-catcher relationship that could drive a wedge between Kenny and his number one fan/old best friend, Stevie. We also get our first extended look at MAD TV's Ike Barinholtz as the Russian pitcher Ivan and as expected, he and the full blooded American hurler don't exactly see eye to eye. Also, look for brief glimpses at John Hawkes, Matthew McConaughey and the return of Will Ferrell as Ashley Schaeffer. It's going be be a big year.

Eastbound and Down is returning to HBO on February 19, 2012 with an eight-episode third season. Danny McBride will be back as Kenny Powers, the former star baseball pitcher who was kicked out of baseball for his bad behavior.

Another great addition to the cast is Ike Barenholtz as Ivan Dochenko, Russian pitching prodigy and DJ extraordinaire. His broken english war of words and wits with Kenny are without a doubt top highlights within a season that is full of them.

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