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How to connect with digital-only customers.

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Weathering Uncertainty: How Retailers Can Connect With Digital-Only Customers Let’s take a look at best practices for pivoting your retail experiences to digital — and how brands are already tackling traffic challenges head-on. 1. Offer flexibility in payment, loyalty, and delivery options As a result, consumers will likely need new and innovative ways to pay for purchases. Give customers additional shipping options,

2. Create new digital and social media experiences Here are three other ways to engage beyond your four walls: Extend your retail staff’s expertise on social media.

Offer a unique service.

  1. Create 1:1 experiences using video conferencing.

3. Use your best assets to contribute to the greater good Use specialized technologies for charity.

  1. Activate your influencer network.

  2. Repurpose factories, warehouses, and distribution centers. For example, fast-fashion brand

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