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Economics of street vendors.

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Going through traffic in Nigeria and you pull up to a traffic light, several street hawkers swarm towards your window, eagerly trying to convince you to purchase their goods. They call out the name of their products or even address you personally. "Ma am, I have not been able t sell anything , please help buy something from me." You can buy anything on the road, from a Rolex wristwatch, dogs, or a functional DVD set. The prevalence of street vendors across the country represents the economic condition of Nigeria; particularly in the Collect graduates are on the street doing what ever to survive. It is also symbolic of the hustle and entrepreneurial spirit embedded in the people.

The presence of street vendors in Mexico City (known locally in Mexican Spanish as ambulantes) dates back to pre-Hispanic era and over the centuries the government has struggled to control it, with most recently a clearing of downtown streets of vendors in 2007, but despite this there is a persistent presence of many thousands illegally.

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