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James Garcia
James Garcia

A Pair Of Jeans Pdf Downloadl \/\/TOP\\\\

Easiest and best project I've ever made! I love these! They are comfortable and flattering. I made them 10cm shorter and did the bottom hem 2 cm because I prefer the look. I also did it all with French seams and it turned out beautifully! They're a little bit too small on the back, I will be making these again, and just adding some length there. And the PDF pattern says size 4/6 required 2.75 yards. That was not the case for me... I needed maybe about 2? But probably even less I think. But I will be making a second pair because I love them so much anyway!

A Pair Of Jeans Pdf Downloadl

Two patterns shown here, Chelsea top in size 4/6 which fit great and was easy to make. Moroccan pants in size 0/2 which were a bit large on me so had to alter legs a bit. Made in 'heavy' linen. Loved the patterns, clear instructions. Waiting on my medium weight linen to make another pair of pants and maybe a different top, maybe the same one. Thanks!

SLOANE brings you two essential garments to spruce up your wardrobe. Make a stylish pair of overalls, or exchange the bodice for a curved waistband, and you've got yourself a pair of high-rise, tapered pants.

The overalls feature a fitted bodice with princess seams and adjustable straps. This versatile garment strikes the perfect balance between utility and chic and can be worn on its own, or paired with your favorite shirt.

The Samara cardigan is perfect for a cool day when made in a warm, cozy knit. The robe is beautiful in a lightweight woven fabric on a summer night worn as a light jacket over jeans and a simple T-shirt or a dress.

Looking back, some of our fondest memories involve those footed pajamas. Well, we decided to offer our own version and designed a pair of footed leggings, so you can offer the same sort of experience for your little ones - but with better ease in changing. 350c69d7ab


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