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Where Can I Buy Cheap Mattress Sets [TOP]

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where can i buy cheap mattress sets

But since we first published this guide in late 2020, prices for mattresses (along with goods in general) have increased. The cost and availability of cheap mattresses in particular tend to fluctuate frequently, likely because these brands and manufacturers are less able to tolerate turbulence in production and cost. When we conducted a new round of research and testing in 2021 and early 2022, we raised our threshold to $500 for our main picks.

Using FindOurView, an artificial-intelligence-driven data-analysis tool, we evaluated 1,350 owner reviews submitted from May 2019 to November 2021, and we found that 20% of them said this mattress was very firm, whereas only 1% thought it was too soft.

We conducted the initial research for this guide in 2020, evaluating about two dozen cheap mattresses and testing nine in the office. In our 2021 round of testing, we evaluated nearly two dozen additional mattresses and then narrowed down our in-office testing to another nine finalists, two of which we had tested before. In both trials, we used criteria similar to what we use for our main foam, hybrid, and innerspring mattress guides:

We started researching cheap mattresses in 2020, focusing on mattresses that cost less than $400 for a queen. Due to the pandemic, we had to adapt our testing: Instead of setting up the mattresses and inviting staffers to try them out in a brand-concealed group test, writer Justin Redman evaluated them on his own. He tried 10 mattresses that met our criteria and narrowed the list down to five of his top-ranked mattresses to sleep-test at home. After sleeping on each mattress for at least a week, he concluded that the Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress, the Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid Mattress, and the Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress were the best cheap mattresses available at the time.

Each height of this mattress delivers a slightly different feel. For example, the layers of the 6-inch model are thinner and less plush. Though taller versions of the mattress are more expensive, you may prefer to pay extra for the additional pressure relief. That said, the 12-inch version of the Zinus is still substantially cheaper for a queen size than the options from our Best Lower-Priced Mattresses, which range from $900 to $1,200.

With a score of 3.7, the Nectar Memory Foam is another budget-friendly option. Like the Bear Original, the Nectar Memory Foam mattress has a medium-firm feel and provides pressure relief for side sleepers and those with back pain. However, the Nectar works well for stomach sleepers, whereas the Bear Original does not offer enough support for them.

Also consider add-ons. For example, if you want your new mattress set up and your old mattress removed, you often need to pay extra for white glove delivery. You could also find yourself needing to pay more after opting for a cheaper mattress if it requires a mattress topper for you to feel comfortable. You can avoid spending more later by checking return policies and sleep trials before you buy.

Some materials generally cost more. All-foam mattresses tend to be cheaper than hybrids, which contain both foam and springs. If you want the feel and support of springs, you might not want to shop based on price alone. Also, because foam has a tendency to retain heat, an all-foam mattress might not be a good choice if you tend to get hot at night. The good news is that hybrids can also be affordable mattresses. Our Best Lower-Priced Mattresses rating features two hybrid mattresses priced under $1,200 for a queen.

A new mattress can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on its construction and the quality of materials used. Of the 340 mattresses we reviewed, the least expensive was the Ikea Minnesund, which sells at full price for $159 for a queen-size mattress. Our No. 1 pick for Best Budget Mattresses of 2023, the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, costs $168 for a queen. This is far below the average price of the mattresses we compared at about $2,000.

The best cheap mattress-in-a-box is similar to the best cheap memory foam mattress, but with one major difference: Mattresses in a box can be hybrid mattresses (a mattress that combines foam layers with springs) too. The best beds-in-a-box have supportive foam layers and possibly a coil layer, depending on your preferences.

The best cheap hybrid mattresses combine one or more layers of comfort foams with a layer of individually wrapped coils. The foam provides contouring support and pressure relief, while the coil base gives more targeted support and promotes airflow, which is good for hot sleepers.

Buying a cheap mattress online is a fairly straightforward process. First, research affordable mattress options by comparing different brands and models. After narrowing down your final picks, review product materials and specs to see which model offers the right firmness, comfort, and support. To purchase a mattress model, simply select the desired size from its product page and follow the checkout instructions.

Rates: Standard ground shipping is normally free within the contiguous U.S. Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and other non-contiguous locations that qualify for delivery may pay anywhere from $100 to $600 for mattress shipping. Expedited shipping will also incur extra charges, but usually no more than $50. If White Glove delivery is not free, expect to pay at least $150 for in-home assembly and old mattress removal.

Exchanges: Some brands allow mattress exchanges during the sleep trial for different models, sizes, or both. Exchanging for a more expensive model will require paying the difference, whereas exchanging for a lower model results in a partial refund.

Definition: The oldest type of mattress still sold today (as well as the cheapest), innersprings consist of foam comfort layers over support cores of open bonnell, offset, or continuous wire coils. Our testers describe innersprings as somewhat firm and very responsive, resulting in an exceptionally bouncy surface.

Unparalleled Customization: Many of today's airbeds can be adjusted to feel soft, firm, or anywhere in between. This can be especially beneficial if you enjoy different firmness levels on a nightly basis or if you have a partner contrasting preferences. However, we find budget airbeds are virtually non-existent. Expect to pay at least $2,000 for a queen mattress, and many exceed the $3,000 mark.

The cost of a mattress often depends on where and when you look for a new bed. We recommend online brands since they tend to be much cheaper than brick-and-mortar sellers. Additionally, you can save money with holiday sales, comparison shopping, and bundling.

Although buying a mattress online is usually the cheapest option, brick-and-mortar stores have one notable advantage: price negotiation. In their quest to complete a sale and receive their commission, sales staff may knock down the price of a new bed.

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First they find a cheap mattress and box spring and later buy the platform bed or the metal frame. Some people like to apply to financing and take the whole set home on the same day if the price of the mattress set is cheap.

We also specialize in corporate sales, so we offer high-quality items at new wholesale and closeout liquidation prices. With our wholesale prices, you can buy mattresses in bulk and enjoy substantial discounts on some of the very best mattress sets. No order is too large for our commercial sales department.

If you are looking for a new mattress, we carry a wide range of selections for all sleep styles such as Gel Memory Foam, All Natural Latex, Pillow top, Euro Top, Extra Long, Hypoallergenic, and much, much more! We work with local manufacturers to create high-quality mattress sets at a low cost and pass the savings to our customers. We also carry all of the top-name national brands like Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Aireloom, King Koil, Restonic, Easy Rest, Emerald Sleep, Malouf Fine Linens, Lady Americana, and more. 041b061a72


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