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The Real Easy Book Volume 3 C Version

Originally developed specifically for beginning jazz improvisers, this newly revised edition now includes easy three-horn arrangements for each tune with separate pages for each horn player! Each tune includes harmony parts for the melody, background parts behind the soloists, ensemble shout choruses and more. These 41 jazz songs, many of which are jazz standards, are easy to play, easy to learn, and fun to play. They represent the entire spectrum of the idiom, including swing, bebop, post-bop, contemporary, funk, jazz/rock, and Latin styles. The format is exceptionally user-friendly. With the book open, the music for each song is on the left-hand page. The right-hand page is a special page of supplemental material (sample piano voicings, useful scales, guitar voicings, bass lines, etc.) specifically tailored to that song. Get students, or your young jazz combo, sounding great right away with the first fake book ever designed for the beginning improviser.

the real easy book volume 3 c version

Includes easy, but classic, jazz tunes on one page, and all the things a band director might have to write out for their students on each facing page. Vol. 3 is unique, however, because the tune selection includes 5-10 songs from each historical era of jazz--from Dixieland to Swing to Bebop to Afro-Cuban Jazz, and more. In addition, Vol.3 has an entertaining and informative history text introducing each section, including the musical innovations that happened in each era. All in all, a perfect teaching tool for any jazz educator, as well as just a great fake book!

What a charming little book.1 Thank you ever so much for it. Of course I knew most of your essays, but those from the Times Literary Supplement were new to me, and I see that you have made a good many changes in the others. Those on Graeco-Roman subjects are particularly useful to me at the moment, and I am very glad to have them collected in one volume.

Ivery much appreciate that you would like to have me represented in the next volume of your History of Technology1 and I myself would very much like to contribute an article to it, but at the moment it is just impossible. I cannot undertake anything until I have the manuscripts of three books in the hands of the publishers. I am sorry, but I just cannot write more than a certain number of pages a day.

Quite apart from all this, your own studies on the early receipts and antidotaries make you far more efficient in dealing with this subject than anyone we could find for it. I need hardly say that if you were to consider doing a short section yourself on early processes of drug preparation for our Vol. IIwe should be delighted, but I really think that it would go better in your book.

Iam very glad that you liked my volumes.3 They certainly were a surprise. I knew, of course, that they were coming but I really did not know what impressive productions they would be. Their production and especially their indexing really does Underwood great credit. I am still very worried about the whole Wellcome layout.4 It is so obvious that the whole thing should be made a University department, and that it will not go properly until it is. It appears that there are technical difficulties arising out of the terms of the Wellcome Trust in turning the thing over to the University, but I cannot for the life of me see why they should not establish a department next door to University College so as to make it a University department in everything but name. I do not think that we shall persuade Dale to this but I am, in fact, seeing him in the near future and will just drop a hint.5 The trouble is that he gets angry at the very suggestion.

I think the jury is still out, despite the early positive returns. The book appears to be at least one of the factors leading to an extreme polarization of the students. The A/B end is skewing positive (which is amazing) and the C/D/E end is skewing negative (not really moving negatively, just not advancing like the others). There are multiple contributing factors, including the post-covid bad habits.

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These books can typically be checked out for 7 days, and can be renewed in person at the Information Desk. The real-time availability of reserve or other books can be determined by using the IUCAT system at or by calling the Information Desk at 317-274-0469.

Such a book is useful in so far as it deals positively with the historical fulfillment as a primary and partial realization of the prophecies; and as a full and fearless indictment of the Church of Rome it is most valuable. But in the dogmatic negation of a literal fulfillment, in the blind and obstinate determination to establish, no matter at what cost to Scripture, that the Apocalypse has been "FULFILLED in the events of the Christian era," such a work cannot fail to be dangerous and mischievous. The real question at issue here is the character and value of the Bible. If the views of these writers be just, the language of Holy Writ in such passages as the close of the sixth chapter of Revelation is the most utter bombast. And if wild exaggeration characterize one portion of the Scriptures, what confidence can we have in any part? If the Great Day of Divine wrath, described in terms of unsurpassed solemnity, were nothing but a brief crisis in the history of a campaign now long past, the words which tell of the joy of the blessed and the doom of the impenitent may after all be mere hyperbole, and the Christian's faith may be mere credulity.


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