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AJR - World's Smallest Violin (Official Video)

Initial reception for "World's Smallest Violin" was favorable to mixed. Music critic for Variety, A. D. Amorosi wrote that the song did not fit in well with the album's message of an emotionally deep and thought-provoking; however, Amorosi wrote that the song, removed from the album, would work well.[7] Zachary Wittman, writer for The Globe, wrote a negative review on the OK Orchestra album itself; however, he found "World's Smallest Violin" to be "passable", saying "[it] is the second passable song on here with a nice melody and a really fun lyrical concept. Again though, they ruin it with some horrid turns of phrases. I understand the metaphor of the world's smallest violin needing to be played is the equivalent of needing to vent to someone about your mental health, but they did not need to say 'spew my tiny symphony.'"[8]

AJR - World's Smallest Violin (Official Video)

The routine takes place in a living room in an apartment in a city, similar to the music video. At the start of the routine, P2 will hold a poster with the title "World's Smallest Violin" before dropping it onto the ground. Background instruments, including a violin, a trumpet, a keyboard, a guitar, and a xylophone will be playing by themselves during their parts in the song. At the second chorus, the window in the background will open up, letting in a heavy gust of wind that blows several objects around the room. At the final part of the song, the area will start shaking, resulting in the floor breaking, and the heavy gust of wind returning. At the end of the routine, P1 and P3 will freeze in place. 041b061a72


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